Hybrid true potatoes: A reality for South Africa

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South African seed potato producer, RegenZ, and European hybrid potato seed innovator, Solynta, announced a partnership to bring hybrid true potatoes (HTPs) to the South African farming community.

The companies will collaborate for further trials and join forces to facilitate the introduction of Solynta’s climate-smart and disease-free genetics to the South African producer. With South Africa’s limited water resources, reduced farming land area and further limits on chemical inputs, the Solynta hybrid true potato seeds (HTPS) offer the best starting material for good yields and healthy potatoes.

“We believe that the introduction of Solynta’s innovative hybrid potato technology in South Africa will bring huge benefits to the potato-producing farming communities,” says Justin Platt, managing director of RegenZ.

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“We see from Solynta field trials in the region that the technology can contribute towards a more efficient and sustainable potato production. HTPS have the capacity to address food security goals in line with the SA government objectives. With their unique ability to build in disease resistance, Solynta’s hybrids will deliver a predictable and rapid flow of improved products. By delivering these genetics through true seeds, many other advantages will be achieved, such as the provision of disease-free seeds and a reduction in storage and transport costs.

“We believe that the formal introduction of HTPS in South Africa will bring great value to both commercial and smallholder potato farmers,” says Platt.

Charles Miller, Solynta’s commercial director, emphasises the global impact of the new hybrid potato varieties.

“This partnership marks the shared values of our companies,” says Miller. “Like RegenZ, Solynta is committed to developing sustainable innovations that improve quality of life. For Solynta, that means ensuring that nutritious, easy-to-grow potatoes are abundantly available to fight food insecurity.

“Solynta’s new HTP varieties have been developed to offer an answer to the nutrition security challenges that the world is facing,” he adds. “Our non-GMO, disease-free potato seed delivers highly delicious and nutritious potatoes and requires fewer pesticides to produce great yield.”

On the partnership with RegenZ, Miller says” “The goal of this collaboration, for Solynta, is to benefit local farmers in South Africa and worldwide. As potato production makes up 45% of the country’s total vegetable production, exceeding 51 000ha per year, it is clearly one of the most important vegetable crops in South Africa. With Solynta’s seeds, local farmers will benefit from using the best, clean and disease-free starting material for their potato production.

“We look forward to working with RegenZ to develop and introduce potato cultivars that will thrive and prosper in South Africa. As Solynta’s representative in the region, RegenZ plays a critical role in navigating the commercial and regulatory challenges associated with establishing HTPS in South and Southern Africa. This includes collaborating with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, and other key industry stakeholders on establishing a suitable regulatory framework for the safe introduction of HTPS into the market.”

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About RegenZ

RegenZ, one of South Africa’s leading potato tuber seed producers, aims to be a global leader in the transformation of human health and nutrition by driving the widespread adoption of regenerative agricultural practices; and discovering, applying and commercialising sustainable and regenerative innovations in crop production technology. To learn more about RegenZ, visit regenz.co.za

About Solynta

Solynta is a hybrid potato innovator based in the Netherlands. The company uses hybrid potato breeding to grow a more sustainable future. Solynta’s mission is to help create global solutions for food and nutritional insecurity by giving farmers better, stronger and more cost-efficient ways to grow crops. Solynta’s true potato seeds combine years of agricultural experience with the newest hybrid breeding technologies. They lead the market in resistance to disease and pests, ease of use, and production speed and scalability. To learn more about their mission to unlock the true potential of potatoes, visit solynta.com. – Press release, Solynta and RegenZ

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