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AFMA Matrix

AFMA Matrix is a quarterly scientific magazine published on behalf of the Animal Feeds Manufacturer’s Association (AFMA) in South Africa and Southern Africa. This is the only magazine in South Africa dedicated to the animal feed industry and ideally positioned to facilitate discussion between role-players, whether in the form of the latest industry news or the latest feed research. Contact us:

Read AFMA Matrix in January

AFMA Matrix kicks off 2024 with an array of in-depth, industry-specific articles ranging from an analysis of the South African soya bean and crushing industry to an insightful article on feed trends in 2024 and beyond. Underutilised feed sources and edible insects in animal feed make for a must-read edition of AFMA Matrix in January.

Also look forward to the following articles:

  • Production of defatted soya bean flours for animal feeds.
  • Insight into the world of fibre analysis.
  • The protein revolution – an AFMA Intervarsity Writer’s Cup 2024 article
  • Composition and utilisation of feed by monogastric animals in the context of circular food production systems.
  • Nutritional strategies to diminish aquafeed wastes.
  • Underutilised feed sources for ruminants.
  • And much more!

Click here to download a PDF version of AFMA Matrix. The magazine is also available as an interactive flipbook at

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