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New association replaces NERPO

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A newly formed red meat commodity association is calling for a real and impactful transformation in the South African red meat industry and transformation that its members direct. The call was made by Aggrey Mahanjana, the national chairperson of the National Emergent Red Meat Producer’s Organisation (NERPO) when introducing the National Livestock Farmer’s Association of South Africa (NaLFA-SA), a new commodity association which has replaced NERPO at its launch ceremony held at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) headquarters in Pretoria.

The chairperson of NaLFA-SA, Brenda Maaroganye.

NaLFA-SA was launched by 19 district-based associations across all nine provinces and the process of re-mobilisation is ongoing to cover all 42 agriculture-based districts.

After unpacking the growth and development of NERPO over the past 25 years, Mahanjana explained why NERPO decided to make a fundamental change in its strategy and transform its brand by introducing a new name, logo, approach and leadership. The change and rebranding come with a new mandate of facilitating real and impactful transformation within the entire value chain of the red meat industry. This will entail re-mobilising black livestock producers in South Africa and linking them with local, national and international markets.

Under the new mandate, NaLFA-SA will be proactive, especially in lobbying the government for legislation and policy changes that support impactful transformation through the active involvement of black individuals across the entire value chain within the red meat industry. “We want to drive transformation ourselves, ensuring that decisions directly impacting us are made with our active participation.”

Brenda Maaroganye of the Sedibeng District Municipality in Gauteng, and the first national chairperson of NaLFA-SA said: “Our past is marred with a history of neglect and inefficiency, but it is not our destiny. It is our duty to investigate, adapt and thrive. Producers are the backbone of civilisation. Without producers, there is no sustenance, progress or future. It is time to rise above the limitations of the past and forge a new path forward.”

An association with a mission

Marogaanye highlighted several areas that NaLFA-SA will prioritise for lobbying and advocacy:

  • Implementation of the adopted sector plan.
  • Land ownership: Clear policy direction on the sale of state land to lessees.
  • Access to affordable finance and access to transformation levy for capacity building.
  • Red meat value chain ownership in all value chain nodes (not only primary production).
  • Development and ownership of the goat value chain.
  • Genetic improvement and support with breeding stock.
  • Traceability and market access (local and international), removing barriers and exploitative market systems.
  • Access to water: Water rights.
  • Rural infrastructure development: Poor roads and inaccessibility.
  • Farm infrastructure and equipment: Handling facilities and dip tanks.
  • Animal disease management, such as foot-and-mouth disease and brucellosis control.
  • Farm security: Lawlessness and stock theft is unprecedented.
  • Knowledge and skills development: Education, training and mentorship.
  • Women and youth empowerment for business ownership.

Matsobane Mpyana from the National Agricultural Marketing Council applauded the relaunch and rebirth of the livestock association. He gave a speech on the sector plans towards inclusive growth and highlighted the critical pillars in the Agriculture and Agro Processing Master Plan and the importance of partnership through the red meat value chain roundtables and financial instruments in addressing the 14 critical issues highlighted by the chairperson.

Prof Frikkie Maré, CEO of the Red Meat Producers Organisation, and Dewald Olivier, CEO of Red Meat Industry Services, applauded the contributions of NERPO to transformation over the years and invited the new association to work together with other industry primary cluster members of the red meat industry. – Press release, NaLFA-SA

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