Produsente staan aan die begin van ‘n nuwe plantseisoen. Daarmee saam is daar verskeie uitdagings wat produsente in die gesig staar. Een daarvan is wisselvallige weersomstandighede. Oeste kan binne sekondes deur ‘n haelstorm vernietig word – ure se arbeid en derduisende rande se insetkoste daarmee heen. Dekking teen haelskade is daarom ‘n moet, meen kenners. Solank as wat daar ‘n plant is, is haelskade moontlik.

In hierdie uitsending van AgriOnAir gesels Wouter Theron, AgriSeker se operasionele bestuurder in die oostelike gebied, oor haelversekering vir somergewasse. Luister nou na dié onderhoud.  

Who is AgriSeker?

AgriSeker gives every troublesome step along with each farmer when risks threaten farming businesses. We provide confidence and a financial risk management value to the farmer. Cash-flow pressure and other influences on prosperity is a reality. That is why we, together with our underwriters, Land Bank Insurance Company, worked on strategies for the benefit of the producer.

Our insurance packages are specifically tailored to the needs of farmers, focussing not only on providing solid insurance, but also risk management solutions that reach beyond the traditional insurance policy. AgriSeker has modified its products to align with the cash-flow curve of the farmer.

AgriSeker’s payment skills are also backed by a reinsurance panel with a high quality international rating. Our flexibility and financial stability enables us to pay crop insurance claims quickly and accurately. We add value to your farming business with the most appropriate working method, expert product application and advice inside the context of our statutory obligation.

Hierdie potgooi word aan jou gebring deur AgriSeker. Besoek hul webwerf hier.