Manti Maifadi from Naledi Farm.

It is finally December and with the extra time there is for doing what relaxes you, we have compiled all the articles that Manti Maifadi from Naledi Farm has written for AgriOrbit to get you on your way to finally start that home veggie garden.

New year, new goals for your vegetable garden

Another new year is the perfect time to get the vegetable garden you have always dreamed of. Make this year a more successful gardening season with Manti’s simple, realistic goals. Click here to read this article.

Start small for a higher success rate

Manti suggests that you start small. Start with choosing the right location and preparing the soil. Do not dig up your entire yard and plant every possible crop. Read this article to get you started.

beans are one of the easiest plants to grow.

Match your vegetable garden to your time

You have probably been thinking about starting a vegetable garden but never quite got around to it. You are not alone, as many people would love to grow their own food but never do. This is mainly because many of us think that gardening requires lots of time we do not have. The secret to striking a balance between your busy schedule and eating healthy, nutritious meals directly from your garden, is to design a garden that matches the time you have available. Find out how to do this here.

Learning about gardening takes time and it’s ok

Growing vegetables is not always as easy as planting a few seeds and harvesting your crops a few weeks or months later. It is ok if you fail on the first try. It takes time to get to know what each plant needs. If you are feeling demotivated about a failed vegetable garden attempt read this.

vegetable garden
Using flowers as companion plants in your organic veggie garden plays an important role.

All you need to know about growing organically

The simplest definition of organic vegetable gardening is growing food without the use of chemicals. It is growing food more naturally. Organic gardening views gardens as mini ecosystems, which means they should be treated with kindness, respect and humility. Get the low-down here.

Get to know specific crops

Two of the easiest crops to start with are potatoes and beans. Manti has written a guide to grow potatoes at home and it is easier than you think. To learn more about growing your own potatoes click here. Manti also says that beans are one of the easiest plants to grow, maintain and harvest. As a bonus, they are generally free of pests. Get to know the different types of beans and how to grow them here.

Growing potatoes at home is easier than you think.

Up your skill with garden management tips

Once you have the basics down, it is time to enhance your gardening skills with a few management tips from Manti. Learn about pairing companion plants, which is essential to successfully gardening organically. Here is her article on using flowers as companion plants in your organic veggie garden.

Then another secret to a happy and healthy garden is mulching. Mulch is material that is spread over the soil surface as a protective layer. It also prevents water evaporation by shielding the soil from the sun and helps retain moisture. It also keeps the roots cooler in the summer heat and warm when temperatures drop. Mulch also reduces soil erosion and soil compaction, keeps weeds at bay, acts as a slow-release feeder for the soil, increases earthworms, and produces healthy soil which is less prone to pests and disease. Here is your guide to mulching.

Mulch is a material that is spread over the soil surface as a protective layer.

Enjoy gardening this holiday and beyond! For more advice on growing vegetables at home, contact Manti on 082 800 2327 or email – Compiled by Ursula Human, AgriOrbit