Marinated smoked pork ribs

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Smoked ribs are a real treat at any braai. The secret is creating the perfect marinade with the right balance between the sweet and sour flavours of the ingredients. Adjust the ingredients below until you find a flavour balance that suits you. Debone leftover ribs and use it on a pizza. Find the recipe for pork rib pizza at the bottom of this page.

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5 tablespoons tomato sauce

5 tablespoons chutney

5 tablespoons beer

½ tablespoon honey

A dash of Worcestershire sauce

Pork ribs

1 rack of smoked pork ribs


  1. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade together. If it is too sweet add more beer, if too sour add a bit more honey. Balance the amounts until you are satisfied with the taste.
  2. Baste the smoked pork ribs with the marinade.
  3. Braai on medium heat turning and basting the ribs every 3-5 minutes for 25 minutes.
  4. Once cooked remove from fire and cut ribs. – Ursula Human, FarmBiz

Domestic pork industry carcass price statistics

The weekly pork carcass price is brought to you by the South African Pork Producer’s Organisation (SAPPO). International prices are based on various weighted average price calculations per classification and/or class, market and country and serves as an indication of international prices converted into a Rand/kg price. Denmark’s price quotations are weighted average per warm kg of slaughtered (settlement) weight which is converted into cold slaughtered weight, excluding edible offal. Germany’s final price is based on the muscle-to-bacon ratio, slaughter weight and meat percentage. The USA – Iowa/Minnesota price is a purchase matrix based on both fat and muscle measurements for a 200 lb carcass base. South Africa’s carcass prices are a weighted averaged abattoir purchasing price calculated per category and class.