Saturday, January 28, 2023

This month in CHIPS

The year has barely begun and persisting challenges seem no less daunting. Producers must consistently face issues relating to rising input costs, politics, and load shedding. It may be true that times are indeed tough for the country as a whole, but now is not the time to lament the current hardships. Instead, we should do our best to focus on what’s ahead.

This year, Potatoes SA – through CHIPS – will continue to stand by producers and other value chain role-players to ensure that 2023 is a year of planned success and greater resilience, which will allow farmers to continue producing even under unfavourable conditions. South African agriculturists are known for their resilience and adaptability, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to put food on the table. This is proven in every issue of CHIPS. This month, read all about the EU Green Deal, potato price drivers, dry matter content, biannual plantings, and the power of potassium in potatoes.

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In hierdie uitgawe:

Chips is Potatoes SA’s magazine about the South African potato industry for potato producers and interested parties.
  • Dr Kobus Laubscher: Die aartappelbedryf sê dankie en totsiens.
  • Innovation should determine the way forward.
  • PIDT visits transformation projects in Limpopo.
  • Deductions as a sanction or recovery of damages.
  • Anthorn Farming: Award-winning production in action.
  • Gevare en risiko’s wanneer terbufos oormatig toegedien word.
  • Paving the way for rural development and female empowerment.
  • Tegniese evaluasies: Sertifisering bevestig kundigheid.
  • Rapid classification methods of potatoes.
  • Herstel van lande wat nie meer geskik is vir verbouing nie.
  • Potatoes SA fuels young farmer’s passion.
  • Ceres/Koue Bokkeveld- en Noord-Kaapse kultivarproewe.

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