AFMA board elects new chair and vice-chair

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The board of directors of the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association, AFMA, has elected its new chairperson and vice-chairperson during a recent board of directors meeting. During the meeting held on 15 September 2023, Anina Hunter of Epol was re-elected as chairperson and Michael Schmitz, the managing director of Meadow Feeds, was also re-elected to the position of vice-chairperson.

The full AFMA board of directors are Anina Hunter of Epol, chairperson, Michael Schmitz of Meadow Feeds, vice-chairperson, Brett Roosendaal of Epol, Liesl Breytenbach, executive director of AFMA, Dr Neil Dominy of Astral Foods, Dr Josef van Wyngaard of Voermol, Dr Franscois Crots of Country Bird Holdings, Paul Saunders of Sovereign Foods, Sharlene Moodley of De Heus Animal Feeds, Thinus van Lill and David Nel, both from Quantum Foods, and Dieter Fleischman of AFGRI Animal Feeds.

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About AFMA

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) is the official representative body of the South African feed industry in the livestock sector and plays a pivotal role in the larger agricultural environment. AFMA consists of animal feed and ingredient manufacturers as well as suppliers of feed ingredients. The association represents 99% of broiler feed production and 58% of overall animal feed production in South Africa. AFMA provides a unified voice and promotes the animal feed industry as an integral part of the food chain to deliver safe, nutritious, and affordable food for all.

For more information on AFMA and its activities, please visit or contact Liesl Breytenbach, executive director, at

Liesl Breytenbach to head Animal Feed Manufacturers Association

After a thorough recruiting process and a few challenges, the board is pleased to announce that, from 1 August 2023, Liesl Breytenbach is appointed to lead the team as its new executive director. She holds a Master of Science degree in Agriculture (monogastric nutrition) from Stellenbosch University and joined the animal feed industry in 2004 as a formulator at Meadow Feeds in Port Elizabeth.