Worcester East Water Solar Project brings relief to producers

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The Worcester East Water Solar Project is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at bolstering the agricultural sector and local communities in and around the Breede River Valley. The project is in line with the region’s Spatial Development Framework and marks a significant step in addressing load shedding challenges, facilitating transformation and stimulating job creation.

Low E Co is an energy efficiency solutions provider and was selected as the primary partner for this project. Along with funding from Anuva Green Energy, this solar undertaking was made possible. 

The partnership between Low E Co and the Worcester East Pump Scheme is a long-term commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable and economically prosperous future for the area. “The primary beneficiaries are the producers and the local community. They gain access to reliable ‘green’ power at reduced costs,” says Deven Pillay who is the managing director of Low E Co.   

Aligned with South Africa’s commitment to carbon mitigation and global efforts to transition to a low-carbon economy, the Worcester East Water Solar Project plays a pivotal role. It is expected to offset over 100 000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The project commenced in November 2022 and was successfully completed in February this year. This set the stage for future developments, advances and upgrades.  

Read more about SABI’s water-saving mission.

The project’s technical intricacy includes the construction of up to three megawatts of best-in-class solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, with nearly two megawatts already operational. Additionally, the project encompasses mini-grids, transformers and transmission lines, guaranteeing the efficient operation of the energy system. At the heart of this transformative project lies a complex network of pumps, pipes and balancing dams, providing water to over 100 farms.  Upcoming phases will introduce cutting-edge battery technology that will further enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.   

Zane de Decker is the director of Anuva Green Energy and highlights the project’s multifaceted impact. “Not only does the funding of this project support green energy, but in this case, it also protects the producers and food security. These pumps feed the farms in the Breede River Valley with water. When they don’t run due to load shedding, it is a significant risk for the farms and the local population.”

“Upon completion, the Worcester East Water Solar Project will be a first of its kind and will serve as a pioneering model for future ventures and projects in the renewable energy sector,” Pillay states. It stands as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration and sustainable development and represents a bright and hopeful future for South Africa’s agricultural sector, local communities and the global environment. – Press release, Avuna Green Energy

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