The wool market traded higher at this week’s auction and the Cape Wools Merino Indicator increased by 1,5% and by 239 points to close at a value of R166,73 for clean wool. There was no auction in Australia this week. The Cape Wools All Wool Indicator gained 2,1%.

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The wool market fared well on the back of a smaller offering and increased by 1,5%. Finer wool traded well, whilst the excellent demand for good quality long wool increased in value by nearly 2,6%. The majority of the offering was of medium and longer length, for which there was keen competition, and due to the smaller than usual offering the top three buyers were hard pressed to fill their orders.

The average clean prices for the selection within the different micron categories for good top-making (MF5) long fleeces were:

  • 18 microns gained 2,1% to close at R227,18/kg.
  • 18,5 microns increased with 2,3% to close at R222,02/kg.
  • 19 microns gained 1,1% to close at R202,30/kg.
  • 19,5 microns increased with 0,6% to close at R175,63/kg.
  • 20 microns increased with 3,6% to close at R163,44/kg.
  • 20,5 microns moved up 3,5% to close at R154,25/kg.
  • 21 microns strengthened 2,8% to close at R147,60/kg.
  • 21,5 microns increased with 4,4% to close at R145,98/kg.
  • 22 microns gained 3,5% to close at R138,62/kg.
  • 22,5 microns increased with 2,2% to close at R134,44/kg.

The next sale is scheduled for 26 April 2017, where 11 961 bales will be on sale. – Market report