WinField United, Villa Crop and InteliChem Group join forces


The worldwide landscape of agricultural and crop protection is changing fast. To provide our customers with the best solutions, Villa Crop Protection and the InteliChem Group announced a merger under the American brand WinField United.

Combining these established agricultural leaders in South Africa will create a platform to develop an improved value proposition, including technology, scientific data, best genetic seed provision, and an unbeatable portfolio in crop protection solutions. The new group will present unique opportunities for all stakeholders.

The integration of Villa Crop and InteliChem will bring forth one holding company with structured functionalities, separate operating divisions, and shared services.

About WinField United

The new WinField United South Africa Group consists of a holding company with a focussed, standalone retail legal entity and a separate, standalone wholesale legal entity. Each of these entities retains their dedicated management teams.

Newly appointed WinField United South Africa CEO, Jan Vermaak, said: “We are all now part of the global WinField United family. Through the alignment of our wholesale and retail channels, we will have additional resources and capabilities that put us in a great position to improve our value proposition and streamline operations, improve productivity, and better serve our customers. Our goal is to build a leading and sustainable agricultural company in South Africa that will benefit all stakeholders.”

What is next?

“On a day-to-day basis, it is business as usual – with very little, if any, impact on our customer relationships. How we talk about agriculture and ourselves will change the future. We will have a modern voice that reflects the impact of today’s challenges and opportunities. Together we will bring forth new ideas and new ways to advance our network of customers in all segments and move the entire South African agricultural industry towards the future.” – Press release, Villa Group