Gilda Galva, Sought After Seedlings, Jeremy Cupido, GardenShop and Linda Galvad, Sought After Seedlings, at the Bryanston Organic Vegetable Garden.

The GardenShop, a nursery in Bryanston, launched a 600sqm urban organic vegetable garden on 3 May 2017. The Bryanston Organic Vegetable Garden was established to promote the health and wellness of consumers as well as to improve food security in urban areas. According to a recent press release by the GardenShop, “green spaces have become a focal point for people who find themselves in high density surrounds with few safe open areas to relax and find value in doing an activity in nature.”

The garden was designed and established by Linda Galvad of Sought After Seedlings using heirloom seeds. The launch focused on the theme “Grow your own Life” and emphasises the organic movement. A unique collection of organic vegetables, including the colourful Chioggia beet and purple cauliflower, can be found in the garden. The venue will also be used by Sought After Seedlings for talks, demonstrations, courses and events to teach urban dwellers how to grow their own organic vegetables at home.

It is also the new venue for the Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club that teaches kids about growing their own food. According to Galvad, they started noticing an increased interest in urban organic vegetable production when they were approached to establish the rooftop organic vegetable garden at the Saxon Hotel. “Community growing is the latest overseas trend and we hope to see more of it in our cities.” says Galvad. –Ursula Human, FarmBiz

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