Friday, March 31, 2023

Tuks takes the quiz crown once more

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During the 53rd Annual South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) Congress, the very competitive Veeplaas/Stockfarm SASAS Student Quiz finals took place.

Read more about how the student quiz works here.

The preliminary rounds were held early in September. Here, the University of Pretoria’s (UP) Tuks 1 and Tuks 2 teams, and Stellenbosch University’s (SU) team took top honours and secured their spots in the finals. Tuks 1’s team members were Chantelle Croukamp (team captain), Gerhard Claasen and Mackayla Graham.

Tuks 2’s team members were André Schoeman (team captain), Adeline Snowdowne and Jody Young.

SU’s team members were Rosa Kirsten (team captain), Monique Schnugh and Cherise Basson.

The finals

The three teams drew straws to see who would go first in this battle of the academics. The team captain of SU, Rosa, drew the shortest straw and was first in the line-up. Tuks 2 and Tuks 1 followed in second and third place, respectively.  

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Each team had their specific set of 15 questions, which the quiz master, animal scientist Paul Bevan, asked them. The questions covered all relevant disciplines that included genetics and breeding, aquaculture and nutrition.  

Some of the questions required one-word answers, while others required explanative answers, which gave the judges something to deliberate on! The finals judges were Prof Norman Casey, Keith Ramsay and Prof Linky Makgahlela (Agricultural Research Council).

And the winner is…

The three teams all gave their best, yet only one team could take the crown. SU came third, leaving the two Tuks teams competing for top honours. With a point differential of only 0,5, Tuks 1 came out on top!

The crown is with UP once more after the University of the Free State won it last year. Who will be the next top team? We’ll have to find out next year! – Deidré Louw, Plaas Media

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