The search is on for SA Stud Book’s new general manager

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Although Dr Japie van der Westhuizen, general manager of SA Stud Book, reached the society’s retirement age a few years ago, his contract was renewed year to year. This enabled the executive committee (EXCO) and its members to accelerate the pace of expansion, building on the stability brought about by Dr Pierre van Rooyen, previous general manager of the association.

Earlier this year, Dr Van der Westhuizen indicated that he wanted to retire from his duties as general manager by the end of January 2024. EXCO therefore followed the processes of identifying, and eventually appointing a suitable successor. Although excellent candidates have reached the so-called shortlist, one preferred candidate was identified, and offered the position.

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Unfortunately, the person did not accept Stud Book’s final offer. Recruitment, interviews, psychometrics, and final evaluations were conducted in a timely manner. The expectation was that a statement, and ultimately the final appointment would follow in time. After careful consideration and expert advice, SA Stud Book’s EXCO has decided, in the interest of Stud Book and our members, to embark on a new recruitment process for suitable candidates to replace Dr Van der Westhuizen.

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EXCO and Dr Van der Westhuizen jointly decided that he would, in the interim, continue to hold his position as general manager until a suitable replacement is appointed. As was planned, due process will also be followed for induction and assistance to keep the transition running smoothly.

SA Stud Book’s EXCO and general manager appreciate the members’ and external advisors’ assistance and advice with the decisions that needed to be made. We are also excited and optimistic about the future of this association and our members.

We also undertake to keep members and broad livestock industry informed of developments. SA Stud Book is the leader in animal recording and improvement in South Africa and the Southern African region.

The EXCO, consisting of representatives of breeders’ societies, and the management team of SA Stud Book therefore ensure that it continues unabated and is also continuously expanding services and products. – Press release, SA Stud Book

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