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The January/February 2024 issue of CHIPS focusses on soil health and provides feedback on the Vivo agricultural expo and the Tom Burke information day. Articles on the latest market information and a recap of 2023’s world potato markets, provide insight into trends and trepidations in the potato industry. The highly topical pepper ringspot virus as well as the role of potatoes in global food security, are also explored in this issue.

Did you know?

You can now receive the latest issue of CHIPS via WhatsApp or email. Plaas Media can provide you with a digital copy of CHIPS while you wait for your printed version to arrive in the post. For more information, send an email to

In this issue/In hierdie uitgawe:

  • Vivo Boerebemarkingsdag in Limpopo.
  • Tom Burke-inligtingsdagterugvoer.
  • Overview of world potato markets in 2023.
  • Noord-Kaap kultivarproef onder besproeiing op Douglas in 2023.
  • Plaagdoderresidu’s en voedselveiligheid.
  • Roots of sustainability – Prof Bob Larkin gives insight.
  • Cultivating soil health.
  • Pepper ringspot-virus onder die vergrootglas.
  • Potatoes SA bursary programme recipient, Gudani Managa.
  • Reflecting on transformation activities in 2023.
  • Small-grower programmes.
  • Potato milk: The cream of the crop.
  • Illegal foreigners in your employment.

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