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World-renowned nematologist, Prof Driekie Fourie, has joined Syngenta as the technical product lead for Seedcare, which includes seed-treated biologicals, bio-stimulants, fungicides, insecticides and nematicides.

Armed with a passion for agricultural science and a doctorate in nematology from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium, she has dedicated her career – which commenced in 1991 at the Agricultural Research Council’s (ARC) Grain Crops Institute – to studying nematodes and their impact on crop health. Since 2010 she continued her research on nematode ecology, host plant resistance and evaluation of eco-friendly, integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to combat plant-parasitic nematodes at North-West University (NWU).

Recognised for her outstanding contributions, she has been honoured with multiple awards during her research career, including the agriculturalist for the North-West province by Agricultural Writers SA, researcher of the year for the Unit for Environmental Sciences and Management at the NWU, best doctoral thesis by the Protein Research Foundation, ARC‘s Medal for Excellence as a researcher and various awards for best poster and oral presentation at nematology-related congresses/symposia. Prof Fourie’s expertise and innovative research have made her a respected authority in the field.

Prof Fourie is excited about her new role at Syngenta and the opportunity to apply her knowledge to develop effective solutions that help producers protect their crops and increase agricultural productivity.

“Working in industry allows me to bridge the gap between research and practical implementation, enabling me to make a tangible impact on sustainable agriculture,” says Prof Fourie.

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Yolandi Furniss joins Syngenta

Syngenta is delighted to announce the appointment of Yolandi Furniss as Seedcare marketing lead for South Africa. Seedcare is the portfolio of Syngenta technologies that protects and enhances the performance of field crops, vegetables and ornamental seeds. The portfolio also contains products that stimulate growth and protect emerging crops from environmental stresses and help the seedlings to process nutrients and water more efficiently.

Yolandi brings with her a wealth of over 25 years of experience in the South African agricultural sector. She has been working in the seed industry since 2016. An impressive track record and many notable achievements highlight her dedication to and passion for agriculture.

Yolandi said: “I am thrilled to join Syngenta and get the opportunity to shape our Seedcare business and promote our market-leading products, services and application offerings.” – Press release, Syngenta