Stockfarm is a semi-scientific magazine for commercial and aspiring commercial livestock farmers who wish to farm more profitably by applying sound farming practices. Stockfarm is calendar driven and supplies information that is applicable to a particular season and particular circumstances. The magazine addresses topics ranging from feed and nutrition, to animal health, crops, grazing, breeding, handling and management. Sound information for farmers who are serious about their trade.

Read Stockfarm in June

Read Stockfarm in June

While the drought continues, and a difficult winter awaits many farmers, things are looking positive for agriculture as a whole, as this sector remains one of the pillars of the country’s economy and job market. It is a sector that is continuously growing and intensifying, with technology at the centre of it all. In good times and bad, Stockfarm provides farmers with much needed technical information to assist them in planning their seasonal activities and their businesses.

Look forward to articles on:

  • Overview of the mohair industry.
  • A visit to the Jakalsdraai farm.
  • Glynton Jerseys: 90 years of excellence.
  • The benefits of grass-fed meat production.
  • The science of creep feed.
  • Cow nutrition during the calving season
  • Silage talk.
  • Veeplaas school herd projects.
  • Sheep scab threatens the wool industry.
  • Beware of pneumonia this winter.
  • #VideoVet Part 3 focuses on orf.
  • Price negotiation

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