SAVC president appointed to global veterinary body

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Dr Nandipha Ndudane, president of the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC), has been elected to represent Africa on the World Veterinary Association’s (WVA) Council for its 2024 to 2026 term.

“Coming from the small rural town of Mount Frere (also known as KwaBhaca in the Eastern Cape) and being chosen to serve on a global veterinary organisation shows that it can be done, and I’m looking forward to serving the diverse interests of African countries on the WVA Council,” says Dr Ndudane, who is also the first female president of the SAVC.

According to an SAVC press release, Dr Ndudane was nominated by the SAVC for the WVA position and had to motivate her selection based on how her values aligned with those of the WVA and its strategic areas of interest.

Her appointment was cemented with the backing of veterinary associations in other African countries with whom the SAVC has established strong working relationships in recent years. She will be representing African interests on the WVA Council alongside Dr James Ouma of the Kenya Veterinary Association.

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Focussing on collaboration and inclusion

Dr Ndudane’s appointment comes at a time of renewed collaboration among veterinary bodies in the Southern African Development Community, due to an ongoing project with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. They have seen the SAVC collaborating to strengthen the relationships between regional veterinary statutory bodies in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Namibia to harmonise standards in the region.

“I have always been passionate about going the extra mile to ensure inclusion and that a diversity of voices are heard, in the interests of consensus and unity. I see this new WVA role as a platform for African veterinary and para-veterinary professionals to collaborate and grow together,” she said.

“It is important for us to have a seat at the global table so that our veterinary councils and associations can engage on challenges we experience more acutely in Africa – such as rabies, a zoonotic disease, one that is transmitted between animals and humans, that is still prevalent on our continent.”

The WVA’s 2024 congress is taking place in Cape Town from 16 to 19 April 2024. – SAVC press release

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