SABI invites producers to join them on new water saving mission

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SABI, South Africa’s premier irrigation water saving organisation, is extending a special invitation to all producers to join the institute and enjoy the benefits of membership.

“Water is a scarce resource and producers are serious about conserving our precious water and ensuring water quantity plus quality is good and preserved for future generations,” says SABI president, Michael Esmeraldo.

“We believe the best way of conserving water and ensuring optimum irrigation is by becoming a SABI member, as you have direct access to a range of technical knowledge, practical advice and technologies via SABI membership. If you are a SABI member it sends out a message to all that you are serious about saving water.

“Producers will ensure via SABI membership that their teams on farm have access to the latest trends and technologies in water saving and training. We are looking forward to producers joining us and reaping the benefits of our knowledge and tradition in irrigation water and water conservation in South Africa.”

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Water conservation at the forefront

It is important for producers to realise that one of the most powerful and practical ways to save water is by using accredited SABI designers. These designers are highly trained and have passed the irrigation equivalent of a ‘board exam’.

All members are bound by the SABI ethical code, which requires that the design of an irrigation system should conform to the SABI norms for the specific region. Thus, producers’ use of a SABI accredited designer ensures that the irrigator is provided with an irrigation system, which will ensure optimal use and management of the available water sources.

Moreover, producers experiencing problems with the operation of such systems are able to contact SABI – as a non-profit, objective body industry – for an investigation or evaluation.

Furthermore, SABI is active in establishing irrigation design norms for South Africa, and members have the opportunity to play an active role in this process and to be aware of changes and advances in irrigation norms.

SABI boosts optimum irrigation and water saving via not only its designers but also through training, communication products and events. SABI’s events such as the congress and the forum – to be held in August at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West – are popular knowledge sharing and networking events with exhibitions of the latest irrigation technologies.

Producers joining SABI will be happy to be involved in an institute that sponsors an irrigation course for Grade 11 pupils in agricultural schools around South Africa. The SABI schools’ course is very popular nationally.

“Water conservation must begin from grassroots, and we are proud of our schools’ training programme” says Michael.

“SABI is proud to be fulfilling a vital role in ensuring the efficient and optimum use of irrigation water and the conservation of water. We invite all producers from all provinces of South Africa to join us on this mission and reap the benefits on farm and in their enterprises,” says Michael.

Benefits of becoming a SABI member:

  • SABI meetings (social and knowledge sharing events held around South Africa).
  • Events (the highly rated and hugely successful SABI congress and technical forum, plus social gatherings such as golf days are very popular) – members get discounts on these.
  • SABI magazine, a glossy print and digital magazine – discounts on advertising.
  • Active participation in the drafting of norms and codes of practice.
  • Being up to speed on the latest local and international irrigation technologies.
  • Special discounts on individual/custom designed IrrigationWise Academy training courses.

Please contact the general manager, Riana Lombard, at or for more information, or download a membership form and complete it on We look forward to you joining us. – Press release, SABI

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