Royal Agricultural Society announces the passing of its president

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The Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) recently announced the passing of Mike Moncur, RAS President for 12 years, chairperson of the sheep section and an integral part of RAS since the 1970s.

We have lost a friend, colleague and valuable team member. Moncur will be sorely missed by many in the greater agricultural community. Our thoughts are with his family and his many friends at this time.

As a longstanding Himeville and Underberg resident, Moncur farmed Dexters and Hampshire Downs in the area and bred budgies that he and his father exhibited at the Royal Show.

A man of many talents

Moncur was the proprietor of the popular Mike’s Restaurant in Underberg for many years and managed the Drakensberg Gardens Hotel before that.

Before becoming President of the RAS in 2013, Moncur served as vice president for five years. He was instrumental in reviving and developing the sheep section in his role as chairperson of this section after 2002 and stepped in to manage the horse section for a period.

Moncur was highly committed to the RAS, and his dedication was evident during the recent Royal Agricultural Exhibition, where he continued to monitor and direct aspects of the event from his hospital bed. Moncur was an advisor and mentor to many, and his jovial and generous spirit had a profoundly positive impact on many people’s lives. – Royal Agricultural Society

The Semonkong Hospital Trust veterinary outreach programme

The Semonkong Hospital Trust is a faith-based, interdenominational organisation that has been hosting an annual week-long veterinary outreach in Semonkong, Lesotho, since 2006. During this week, veterinary surgeons and students, project partners and volunteers come to Semonkong to provide primary animal healthcare, treat animals, and educate producers in better animal husbandry.

The Trust also envisages erecting a unique, eco-friendly, financially self-sustainable, 120-bed training hospital in Semonkong, coupled with holistic community development projects.

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