Revolutionising modern livestock farming: The role of Caremix


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The process of rearing livestock has certainly changed over the past few decades. Gone are the days when producers could simply put animals on grazing or feed, rear great-looking animals, and turn a profit. Gone are the days when the techniques of the past ensured profitability and sustainability.

Modern economic conditions have reduced the margin of error to a point where producers need to be more precise and make the most out of what they have. Furthermore, science and research have changed the way we look at animal rearing, focussing on where the smallest changes can yield the biggest gains. This changes the rules and strategies to a point where producers might struggle to keep up. While these developments may pose challenges, producers are not without support – innovative solutions exist to navigate this evolving landscape.

Complete feeds

The mixing of complete feeds begins with the foundational elements of any diet: vitamins and minerals. These essential nutrients, often referred to as the premix, are the building blocks that ensure the health and vitality of livestock. Premixes can be formulations on their own, varying in composition and components that can influence production in more ways than originally thought.

Vitamins and minerals are required in small amounts. However, they play critical roles in facilitating important production processes. Think of them as oil in an engine, ensuring all processes function correctly and effectively. The secret is that premixes allow you to make small changes that can have a significant impact.

Premix guidelines

Mixing the ideal premix is an art backed by science. While it may seem complex, understanding the essential vitamins and minerals — and their optimal levels — is manageable. There are established guidelines to help you determine if your premix is on target, ensuring your livestock receive the nutrition they need.

  1. Our knowledge of animals’ nutritional needs, particularly vitamins and minerals, is quite extensive. More importantly, the requirements don’t need to be solely addressed by a premix. Relying exclusively on premixes can be costly and may even pose toxicity risks. Regular feed ingredients already contribute to these nutritional needs, with premixes serving to fine-tune the diet, ensuring animals receive exactly what they need for optimal health.
  2. The quality of vitamin and mineral sources is paramount. The aim is to provide these essential nutrients from the most reliable and accessible sources. This approach guarantees that animals receive the necessary nourishment, maximising the value of the ingredients in which you invest.
  3. Opting for low-quality premixes is a misconception. The adage “you get what you pay for” holds true in animal nutrition – investing in quality ensures better returns and value, rather than cutting corners with inferior products.
  4. Make sure you compare apples with apples since not all premixes are equal. It is important to consider the composition of a premix as well as the cost per animal or per kilogram of feed (not per kilogram of premix) when comparing different products. Ensure that the premixes in question are comparable in terms of ingredients and nutritional content to make an informed decision.

The good news is that you are not on your own when it comes to making decisions about your herd’s nutrition. Producers to have access to many resources, such as specialised, premade products, or technical experts. Previously, the challenge has always been access to these experts or being able to afford such support. New, innovative methods are required to tackle this challenges and put more power into the hands of the producer.

Caremix provides key nutrition solutions

Introducing Caremix, Trouw Nutrition South Africa’s unique solution that provides premix and feed solutions to a growing market. Caremix is a nutritional package designed to supply vitamins, minerals, and selected additives in a balanced mixture. It is formulated to perfectly complement animal feed, ensuring your livestock receive the complete nourishment they require. Caremix is aimed at providing producers with the following benefits:

  1. Balanced nutrition: This premix is balanced according to the needs of animals based on the latest research to promote health and performance.
  2. Cost efficiency: The formulation provides essential vitamins and minerals in just the right amounts to enhance feed, cutting down on premix expenses.
  3. Convenient packaging: The packaging options reduce the need to source premix ingredients. Having all your macro and micro premix ingredients in one pack reduces labour when mixing and reduces the risk of mixing errors on the farm.
  4. Home-mixing friendly: Tailored for the home mixer, it gives producers greater control and insight into their feed.
  5. Feed formulation support: The product comes with complementary feed formulations that pair with Caremix packs, boosting production while lowering feed costs through home mixing.

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Caremix has been designed to provide as many resources as possible to producers to provide them with the tools they need to mix competitive feed with the peace of mind that they can keep up with the modern demands of animal production.

Using these new resources can allow producers to bridge the gap between complex nutritional requirements and practical needs, ensuring that all producers get the best that they possibly can to thrive within tough economic conditions. – André Pienaar, ruminant lead at Trouw Nutrition, South Africa

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