For the remainder of 2021, extremely low world wine production volume is expected at a level similar to 2017. This would be the third consecutive year where the global production level is below average.

The first crop estimate for the 2021 world wine production year was announced on 4 November by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine’s (OIV) director general, Pau Roca. He spoke from their headquarters in Paris via a web conference.

Low production volumes are anticipated in the European Union (EU), notably in Italy, Spain and France. Together these countries lost about 22 million hectolitres (hl) with respect to 2020’s late spring frost and overall unfavourable climate conditions.

The only large EU wine-producing countries that recorded harvests bigger than 2020 are Germany, Portugal, Romania and Hungary.

Wine production in the US

First harvest forecasts in the United States (US) indicate production volumes slightly above those of 2020. In the US, the preliminary estimate for 2021 wine production is 24,1 million hl.

This figure is 6% higher compared to last year, which was characterised by a relatively low harvest due to wildfires and smoke taint. However, the production is expected to be 3% lower than its five-year average, which can partially be attributed to drought-like conditions in summer in certain wine regions.

Positive year for southern hemisphere

It has been a very positive year for vineyards in the Southern Hemisphere. Relatively favourable climate conditions led to record-high production levels in countries such as South America, South Africa and Australia.

The only exception is New Zealand. After a record-high wine production level last year, New Zealand has produced 2,7 million hl in 2021, which is 19% lower than last year and 13% below the last five-year average. This reduced harvest has largely been caused by late frosts in springtime.

Watch the world wine production web conference here:

For more detail on the 2021 world wine estimate see the slide show here. The full press release can also be accessed here. – Press release, OIV