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Soil erosion is the cause of severe topsoil losses in South Africa. It also dehydrates the affected landscape and reduces the capacity of strategic infrastructure such as reservoirs. By collecting and storing rainwater in the soil, the flow of water can be slowed down before it causes damage.

In this issue of Stockfarm ARC-Agricultural Engineering shares several affordable and relatively easy-to-understand techniques to combat soil erosion.

This month we are also launching the Veeplaas Climate Smart Ambassador Competition – read the magazine for full details. Added to the mix are articles on the role of the veterinarian in your dairy herd’s success, the Santam Agriculture National Silage Competition winners, and what to look for when buying a Boer goat.

Also look forward to the following articles:

  • Entrepreneurship in agriculture.
  • Oom Schalk talks … selling affordable 4x4s.
  • Bosvelder sheep trump the challenges.
  • Impact of desertification on agriculture.
  • Prevent weaning shock in lambs.
  • The role of growth tests in the breeding of profitable small stock.
  • Take the necessary precautions against heartwater.
  • Automated farming: One-man farms are now a reality.
  • Farm dwellers’ right to install electricity in their homes.
  • And much more!

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Keneilwe Raphesu, a dynamic 24-year-old female farmer, is set on expanding her knowledge and applying it wisely. Keneilwe, who completed Sernick’s Emerging Farmer’s Programme, continues the legacy of her father on their farm, Mogalemone, near Vanderbijlpark where she runs both a Bonsmara herd and a piggery. Christal-Lize Muller of Stockfarm visited Keneilwe to find out more about her breeding programme, on-farm feed production and future plans, including hosting learnership programmes on the farm. The January edition of Stockfarm is available at selected retailers and at

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Genetiese verbetering in enige kudde is slegs moontlik wanneer beter produserende diere geselekteer en probleemdiere uitgeskot word. Sonder beplande seleksie of uitskot, is kuddebestuur bloot ’n oefening in dierevermeerdering met onwaarskynlike genetiese vordering.

Die gereelde uitskot van ouer of probleemdiere, of vroulike diere wat gereeld oorslaan, verseker verhoogde kuddeproduktiwiteit en volhoubare reproduksie. In die Januarie-uitgawe van Veeplaas kyk kenners na die beginsels van uitskot, tyd van uitskot, asook die bemarking van uitskotdiere.

Sien ook uit na artikels oor:

Kry jou uitgawe van Veeplaas vandag nog by jou naaste kleinhandelaar of maak seker dat jy daarop inteken. Veeplaas is nou ook as ’n interaktiewe aanlyn-blaaiboek beskikbaar. Die huidige uitgawe kan by aangekoop word of jy kan op die PDF-weergawe inteken. Kontak Beauty Mthombeni by 064 890 6941 vir meer inligting.