Plaas Productions outshines them all!

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Plaas Media is proud to announce that the video: Agricol span die kroon met sy kanolakultivars was the WINNER in the Audio-visual Productions category in this year’s SA Publication Forum competition. This video was proudly produced for Agricol by Plaas Media’s production arm, Plaas Productions. It is the second year that Plaas Media submitted a production in this esteemed competition, competing against well-established names in the industry. Last year we achieved first runner-up status, also with a video produced for Agricol.

This solidifies Plaas Productions’ continuous pursuit to deliver professional, creative products of a high standard to our clients.

Watch the winning video here:

About the competition: The aim of the competition is to reward excellence in internal and external corporate communication media. Over the last 20 years, the SA Publication Forum (SAPF) has established a robust process of reviewing South African corporate publications. SAPF brings together experts who can objectively assess how well corporate communication instruments deliver a brand’s message and evoke the desired reaction in its target market. Approximately 150 entries are received annually.

Efficiency of soya bean meal replacement by rapeseed meal and/or canola seeds in commercial layer diets

Researchers have been invested in finding solutions for poultry feed which support high layer performance at lower feeding costs. Rapeseed meal and/or canola seeds are potential alternative vegetal sources for poultry feeding, allowing cutting the feeding cost, provided the compound feed was formulated adequately.

Canola is a rapeseed variety with superior nutrition, containing 20 to 22% crude protein and 40 to 42% fat, low levels of glucosinolates and erucic acid (Swick and Tan, 1997). Compared to soya bean meal, canola has a higher level of calcium and phosphorus, but around 65% of the phosphorus is phytates and thus unavailable.

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