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While 2021 certainly had its challenges, Plaas Media is very excited about 2022 and all that it holds in store.

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One of the very exciting things happening in 2022 is Plaas Media’s brand new project, the Veeplaas Climate Smart Ambassador.

What is the competition about?

In his article about the competition, Dr Louis du Pisani, specialist agri consultant, explains that agriculture and climate change are inextricably linked, which is why it is of utmost importance for farmers to adopt a climate-smart farming mindset.

Are you a climate smart farmer?

Because of the importance of climate-smart farming practices, and in the spirit of reaching out to producers who already make a difference, Plaas Media in association with Dr Du Pisani, decided to start the search for a true climate-smart ambassador who is willing to share with others what they do, and how it is done.

Make sure to pick up your January 2022 issue of Veeplaas or Stockfarm to read all about it.

Meet our sponsors

In its first year the competition welcomes five sponsors, who are all passionate about climate-smart farming and are all contributing to it in one way or another:

We are thankful for these companies’ participation in the competition and look forward to working with them.

How will the competition work?

The competition entails the search for a livestock producer in South Africa who is geared towards and already employing climate-smart farming practices. Not only must this producer apply these practices, but he should also be an advocate for climate-smart production in his community. While the project is presented in a competition format, the goal is not so much on affording our ‘ambassador’ winner-status, but rather to create awareness of the importance of climate-smart livestock production.

Entries for this competition will be done online. Companies may enter clients, producers may enter themselves, or anyone who knows a producer who is truly passionate about, and implements climate-smart farming practices, may enter them – importantly, with their permission.

To top it all off, there is no entry fee! Entry is free and entry forms/questionnaires will be available in both Afrikaans and English.

Entries will open 10 January 2022 and close 28 February 2022. Finalists will be announced in March 2022.

What then?

After receiving all the entries Dr Du Pisani and a panel of experts will select four to six finalists, who will represent different grazing regions in South Africa. Farm visits will be arranged for further evaluation these livestock producers. After the evaluation, the Veeplaas Climate Smart Ambassador will be announced.

The project will culminate in a farmer’s day on this livestock producer’s farm where practical demonstrations will take place, sponsors will be able to interact with producers, and the climate smart ambassador will be able to share his or her knowledge with those who wish to expand their climate-smart horizons.