Nutrico announces ground-breaking Tr-X technology

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At Nutrico, we recognise that each nutritional component and metabolic process is interconnected. Plant nutrition and plant health cannot be addressed as separate functional systems. All metabolic functions and the efficiency of these functions are integrated and co-dependent. The efficacy of a foliar-applied nutrient depends on the ability of the plant to absorb and metabolise it.

However, metabolic efficacy also depends on the ability of the plant to manage stress. For this reason, Nutrico has set out to develop our most advanced formulations for nutrient applications yet and we are honoured to announce the launch of our Tandem Translocation and Resistance eXpression (Tr-X) technology.  

Tandem Translocation and Resistance eXpression technology

As the most advanced nutrient application within the Nutrico portfolio, Tr-X technology establishes novel combinations and proprietary constituents enhanced with the activation of plant resistance to ensure optimal metabolic function. Products produced by this technology also deliver higher concentrated formulations and enhanced absorption through leaves due to amino gluconate chelation.

Crops treated with Tr-X technology experience abundant growth and optimal health by harnessing the tandem delivery of co-dependent plant functions, boosting nutrient absorption and metabolism while limiting plant stress. The unique formulation benefits of Tr-X technology include:

  • Highly concentrated nutrients with enhanced foliar absorption and translocation through plant recognisable amino gluconate chelates.
  • Synergetic delivery of phenologically specific nutrient combinations and plant-acquired resistance ingredients.
  • Fulvic acid matrix boosting nutrient use efficiency and plant energy.
  • Liquid blends suitable for soil and foliar applications allowing growth stage specific intervention.
  • Formulated with seaweed extract blends and L-amino acids to support the crops’ natural immunity utilising systemic acquired resistance (SAR).

Seaweed extracts

Seaweed extracts are derived from the extraction of several macro-algae species, which, depending on the extraction methodology, produce complex mixtures of biologically active compounds and plant growth regulators.

Plants treated with seaweed extracts show improved nutrient acquisition capabilities, growth, and vigour. This enhancement in plant nutrient uptake could be attributed to seaweed extracts’ role in enhancing the functioning of root nutrient transporters. Nutrient uptake is further enhanced by established root development, which is regulated by some of the phytohormones found in concentrated seaweed extracts.

L-amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Just like humans, plants need specific amino acids to thrive. While plants can manufacture certain non-essential amino acids, others must be obtained from the environment. In agriculture, amino acids can be applied at the critical phenological stage directly on the plant leaves or via irrigation systems.

Amino acids can improve plants’ nutrient uptake by making them more efficient with other fertilisers. Additionally, amino acids can promote growth and yield by stimulating root development and hormonal regulation. Most importantly, they can enhance plant stress resistance, helping them better withstand environmental challenges.

Amino gluconate complex

Foliar applications of amino gluconate complexes are compatible with the inherent anatomy and physiology of plants and constitute a highly bioavailable means for improving crop nutrition and productivity. The amine functional group and the carbohydrate side chains can bind multiple minerals in one chelate ring, transporting more minerals through the chelated complex than other chelate types.

Optimal bonding strength between the metal and the ligand keeps the chelate intact during application and absorption, but still allows metabolic breakdown of the metals and amino gluconate when at the target site. The targeted approach of amino gluconates allows the complex to be translocated within the plant to provide minerals to the primary growth regions, as well as areas where seed and fruit formation take place.

Nutrico is the proud manufacturer of various specialised fertilisers, biostimulants, and soil amendments encompassing our new Tr-X technology. We have a team of technical experts available to help you find the best, science-backed solution for your application.

For more information visit or phone 011 392 4072 or 021 807 5922.

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