New editor to take over the Veeplaas reins

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Plaas Media is proud to announce that Dr WA Lombard has been appointed as the new editor of Veeplaas with effect from 1 November 2023. He takes over the position from Prof Frikkie Maré who has been the editor since August 2020. The announcement comes after Prof Maré was recently appointed as the chief executive officer of the Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (RPO) with effect from 1 February 2024.

Read this press release in Afrikaans here.

Dr Lombard is not new to Veeplaas and has been a features writer for the publication since 2012 when he was still an honours student studying towards his post-graduate degree in agricultural economics. He has also written and researched articles for numerous other magazines published under the Plaas Media banner, along with contributions towards the company’s online and broadcast platforms.

Besides his current full-time job as a senior lecturer in agricultural economics at the University of the Free State’s Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, he is also an avid part-time cattle farmer. He is married to Marese, a lecturer in taxation at the University of the Free State, and they have two children. They live and work in Bloemfontein.

Prof Maré will be handing over the editorship to Dr Lombard over the next few months and will continue to contribute to Veeplaas during this time. “Prof Maré’s contributions to and passion for the livestock sector, especially the economy side thereof, were clearly reflected in the pages of Veeplaas and our other media,” said Lynette Louw, CEO of Plaas Media. “I believe this passion will be carried forward in his new post at the RPO and that it will be to the benefit of the red meat industry in the country. He will be sorely missed by his Plaas Media family, but this is certainly not goodbye. We report on numerous RPO activities and will be hearing from him regularly in this regard.

“At the same time we are excited about this new chapter in the Veeplaas story and believe that Dr Lombard will fulfil the role with distinction. He has been a member of the Plaas Media editorial staff for more than a decade and understands our philosophy and dedication to the generation of well-researched scientific and semi-scientific content. Being an emerging farmer himself, he understands the need for sound technical content and how to present it to both commercial and emerging farmers.”

The first issue to appear under the editorship of Dr Lombard will be the January 2024 edition of Veeplaas. Work on this issue starts in November 2023. – Press release, Plaas Media

With any enquiries, send an email to Lynette Louw at

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