National Animal Health Forum

nahflogofargbnatlIn 2006 the National Animal Health Forum was established by a group of concerned veterinarians and animal production groups. Ever since, this forum has been doing important work in liaising with government on important animal health and animal disease control matters. The forum regularly meets with the Department of Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries on important topics such as, the Veterinary Strategy Plan as well as important animal diseases such as brucellosis, African horse sickness and many more.

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The forum believes that matters can only be resolved through continued positive and they therefore focus on private partnerships to improve veterinary services and the compliance with animal health standards across South Africa.

A very important next step for the forum was the launch of a website as platform for sharing crucial information and interacting with experts. The website,, has just been launched and contains important information for farmers, veterinarians and other role-players.

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