The Milk Producers Organisation (MPO) announced Andrew Morphew from Colbourne Farm in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, as the winner of the 2021 MPO Nedbank Stewardship Awards. Andrew’s team members are highly skilled and farm with the necessary confidence to make rational decisions in their own disciplines.

MPO stewardship
Andrew Morphew (right) receives his trophy and certificate during the virtual MPO national congress and awards ceremony watch party in KwaZulu-Natal. On his left is Peter Morphew.

Over the past two years, Andrew has converted his conventional dairy farm to a 100% organic farm. He empowered himself with knowledge on many sustainable dairy topics and has impressive levels of insight and understanding on practices to build soil health and soil carbon. Consequently, his farming operations do not have to rely on chemical fertilisers or inputs.

Andrew’s herd health management is truly outstanding, with an exceptional average somatic cell count. The meticulously kept records and overall cleanliness and hygiene levels set the bar very high for fellow dairy farmers.

Andrew receives R40 000 from Nedbank to pursue stewardship goals on his farm. – Press release, MPO