Mertech Cable & Wire

Mertech Cable & Wire is backed by Mertech Marine, a company founded in 1998. It is the first business of its kind to recycle used undersea telecommunication cables.

Mertech Cable & Wire markets and sells steel cable and other wire products recycled from undersea telecommunication cables. These products provide the agricultural industry with an economical and quality-driven solution.


Product list applications:

(See images of the products below)

  • Cable of 6 and 7mm for the building of cattle pens, erecting game fencing as well as hail nets to cover fruit orchards and vineyards.
  • Steel dropper (galvanised) is the ideal product for fencing off farms.
  • Turn and peg are harnessed to trellis vineyards and young trees in the young growth phase to the cordon wire.
  • Anchors are used at the start and end (head and graft) of trellised rows of vineyards and fruit trees.
  • Offset brackets, more specifically galvanised offset brackets, are used to protect livestock (sheep, cattle, etc.) against predators such as jackal.
  • Wires of various thicknesses are ideal for trellising products such as vegetables. Certain wires also undergo an induction process.

For more information, dial 021 981 8266, 076 784 3205 or 081 549 1109, or send an email to our website at to learn more.

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Mertech Cable & Wire: Exceptional value and quality