A butchery in Hudson, Wisconsin in the Unites States (US), RJ’s Meats recently added a meat vending machine to improve customer service and boost the income of this small business. Customers now have 24-hour access to bacon, sausages and other cuts of meats from the vending machine.

Owner Rick Reams hopes to soon have the packaging to offer fresh cuts of meat in the vending machine as there has been an increasing demand for his prime cuts and quality beef over the past 30 years. The vending machine is also stocked with products such as potato salad, cheese and even seasoning. The shelves expand and contract to fit a rotating cycle of products.

The machine is refilled daily and customers are kept up to date on the products available in the machine via Rj’s Meats Facebook page. The Regiomat vending machine is  refrigerated and designed specifically for dispensing fresh meat. The temperature is monitored via a smart phone app and the machine will not dispense meat if the temperature escalates above a safe temperature.

The Regiomat machine is imported from Europe and is the only one of its kind in the US. According to Reams, it is heavily insulated and equipped with a heater, to ensure it remains functional even below 28 degrees Celsius, giving customers access to their favourite meats all year round. -Ursula Human, FarmLink

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