When it comes to avocados, the saying ‘you are what you eat’ means so much more than just enjoying it as a food product. Avocados are a farm fare product that is also commonly added to beauty products due to its benefits for hair and skin health.

The growing popularity of this ingredient has resulted in increasingly more research being done on the various beauty benefits offered by avocados. This well-loved food item contains natural ingredients that can help tighten pores and hydrate the skin.

You can treat yourself to a homemade facial, besides being a cost-effective way to create your own facial at home, the natural oils in avocado maintains skin’s overall health. Avocado also makes a good skin-repairing moisturiser due to its high fatty acid and antioxidant properties.

Furthermore, it also works wonders for hair since it contains high amounts of vitamins B and E, known to support hair health. If your hair lacks lustre, apply an avocado hair mask to help promote a natural shine. Simply massage some avocado oil into your scalp at night to aid in protecting hair from possible damage.

Simply add an avo to your health and beauty regime by keeping one on hand in the kitchen and the bathroom. For more avolicious recipes and tips, visit www.avocado.co.za and like the South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA) on Facebook: iloveavocadoSA. – Press release