Speakers at the Kemin Smart Milk seminar in Johannesburg. From left is dr Fernando Valdez, Kemin USA, and Maja Sakkers, Kemin Southern Africa.

The annual Kemin Smart Milk seminar and roadshow was held on 31 July at Kemin Offices, Olifantsfontein, in Johannesburg. After the Gauteng session, the Kemin team was off to KwaZulu-Natal and the Cape. The aim of the seminars is to add value to the agribusinesses that Kemin works with in the industry.

An international speaker, dr Fernando Valdez, vice president of global business development at Kemin International, delivered numerous informative talks during the session. He discussed organic vs inorganic minerals and the role of Kemtrace Chromium in animal production, feeding amino acids for improved reproductive performance and meeting the Lysine requirements in dairy cows.

Maja Sakkers, CLS Support Manager, Kemin Industries Sub Saharan Africa gave the latest data evaluating mycotoxins in Southern Africa. According to the samples tested by Kemin between January and July 2017, 86% of the 513 samples tested from across Sub Saharan Africa were positive for mycotoxins. A further 53% tested positive for multiple mycotoxins. Aflatoxins and Fumonisins showed the most significant increases from 2015/2016. – Ursula Human, AFMA Matrix

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