Jonsson Workwear offers the ultimate customer experience

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This iconic one-stop shop introduces new and existing customers to the widest array of workwear that meet the demands of any industry. These world-class stores showcase an extensive range of durable garments through visually appealing merchandising and offers the ultimate gateway into the world of workwear.

No matter your field, profession or passion, the Jonsson Workwear range has been engineered with the rigours of your trade in mind. Constructed with pride, and with a strong focus on exceptional quality, you can work assured knowing you are properly geared to get the job done.

Walking into the Jonsson Workwear stores will lead you directly to friendly product experts that are ever ready to showcase the diverse range of stock that is constantly available. They will provide you with tailor-made advice and serve you with customised solutions that suit you. An on-site customisation facility can also be found in the stores, allowing you to elevate your brand and style.

Access Jonsson Workwear services easily

Bring your company name or team message to life across your workwear selection with our efficient and convenient on-site embroidery service. Utilising leading-edge embroidery machines and colourfast and durable threads, our expert machinists have just what it takes to ensure each item is embroidered with excellence.

If you need to be seen, ensure you’re noticed in any lighting conditions with our high-visibility JW Reflect tape. Constructed with fluorescent fabric and reflective tape, you’ll be unmissable day or night. Like our embroidering offering, this highly advanced, high-visibility tape can be conveniently applied to your workwear selection on-site too.   

Aside from these easily accessed services, free delivery (within South African borders) adds to the customer’s convenience along with a 30-day business account as a payment plan option. Not forgetting about the complimentary coffee that can be enjoyed while shopping.

As a pioneering provider in workwear solutions, the company places the highest demands on the products they offer customers. This is reinforced through their high-quality head-to-toe solutions offered to those working in various industries. From trousers, skirts, golfers and tees to shirts, jackets, jerseys and a range of accessories and footwear.

In addition, Jonsson Workwear has also engineered a range of personal protection equipment (PPE). This range includes a wide selection of hand and eye protection, high visibility vests and disposable coveralls, all of which comply with stringent industry standards.

With a passion to provide people with complete uniform solutions, the company’s belief is grounded in the fact that everyone should have the right to be clothed in safe, high-quality workwear. The full range of workwear has been carefully crafted from durable fabrics and can be tailored to transition from building site to boardroom, or work to weekend, with ease. 

Head over to the Jonsson Workwear store for the ultimate workwear shopping experience –

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