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GyroSA: Ever improving for more precise irrigation

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Micro-sprinkler irrigation is often perceived as a wasteful or non-precise irrigation method, especially when compared to drip irrigation. However, if the system is designed in a smart and efficient way, quality equipment is used, and all the necessary aspects are considered, high water-use efficiency can be achieved with this irrigation method.

The GyroSA micro-sprinkler range, manufactured in South Africa, has been a stalwart in ensuring precision micro-sprinkler irrigation on many farms. Continuous improvement is a must and now this micro-sprinkler can do even more.

Now, this is GyroSA

  • A low-cost flow-regulated micro-sprinkler with an improved feature, namely the GyroSA flow regulator.
  • A micro-sprinkler with flow rates as low as 15ℓ/ha: A new feature, namely GyroSA SD with a flow rate of only 15ℓ/ha.

Constant flow

Jerry Austen, product manager at Netafim South Africa, explains that the flow regulator is GyroSA’s equivalent of a pressure-compensating dripper.

“Pressure varies with changing elevation. It increases when the elevation drops. Also, pressure drops with the increasing lengths of laterals to which the GyroSA micro-sprinklers are attached.”

We must also remember that flow rates increase as pressure rises, which causes water delivery that is not uniform or precise. We cannot afford this in the field. The flow regulator maintains a constant flow rate for a GyroSA micro-sprinkler when the pressure is between 1,2 and 3,5 bar.”

Lower flow

Jerry further explains that until now, it has been difficult to achieve flow rates lower than 20ℓ/ha in micro-sprinklers. An adaptor has now been developed to create a 15ℓ/ha GyroSA micro-sprinkler.

“With decreasing tree spacing, as is common in many orchards now, we need decreasing flow rates. Also, we have seen run-off occurring in some soils with lower infiltration rates.”

The 15ℓ/ha adapted micro-sprinkler has been able to overcome this in certain cases and allows GyroSA to be applied to a wider range of crops, areas and circumstances. More producers can now benefit from the many advantages that GyroSA micro-sprinklers offer.

Benefits and specifications

  • Manufactured in South Africa.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Robust.
  • Operates at a low pressure (one bar), which saves energy costs.
  • Optimised droplet size and even distribution of water through the use of high precision moulded components.
  • Subject to rigid quality control.
  • Wide product range for a variety of applications.
  • Modular design for easy interchangeability.
  • Overcomes fluctuating pressure with the use of the flow regulator (not available for 15ℓ/ha).
  • Colour-coded nozzles, swivels, spreaders and flow regulators.
  • Distribution diameters from 1,5 to 6,6m.
  • Flow rates from 15 to 120ℓ/ha.
  • Filtration for models 015 to 020:130 micron and models 030 to 120:200 micron.

Micro-sprinkler irrigation

Micro-sprinkler irrigation of this kind is used for low-volume irrigation. It can help the farmer use water more efficiently and can bring about improved yields – all due to overall better water management.

Read more about micro-sprinkler irrigation.

A new production unit is a massive investment, and you must do everything you can to protect this investment and ensure that it delivers optimal return on investment.

Make sure that you choose the correct type of irrigation system. Once you have determined this system to be micro-sprinkler irrigation, always select a micro-sprinkler with a proven track record. 

Click here for more information about GyroSA and Netafim South Africa. Alternatively, call Netafim SA at 021 987 0477 or click here to find a Netafim supplier near you.

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