Grab your early morning coffee, settle in and get ready for your daily dose of Grootplaas! This popular agricultural actuality programme is shedding its baby skin on 3 April after a mere year on the air.

Lees dit in Afrikaans.

Grootplaas kicked off in March 2016 with three programmes a week, after it initially featured as a four-minute insert on Die Groot Ontbyt during previous months. Ever since the initial three-day scheduling on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, there was always the option to eventually move to a five-day week, but kykNET and the producers wanted to make sure that Grootplaas first found its feet and established a solid audience.

Over a period of twelve months the programme grew in popularity, not only among viewers, but also among advertisers. The new programme schedule means that the programme will be broadcast every weekday morning from 05:30 to 05:50.

The content is topical and technical and focuses largely on the serious farmer, although the content is presented in such a way that it appeals to everyone, allowing Joe Public to learn more about the wonderful world of farming. Daily news bulletins and weather reports, twice-weekly market reports, an agri-calendar and focused content all ensure that this programme is an indispensable part of the farmer’s daily menu. Game and livestock, fruit and wine, grain and vegetables, horses and dogs, finances and markets, and of course the environment. Name it – we air it.

Tune into kykNET, DStv channel 144 every weekday at 05:30, when Elsa Esterhuizen talks to experts from various agricultural enterprises. Do not miss it!

For any enquiries regarding programme content or advertising opportunities, contact Lynette Louw at or phone 084 580 5120. Click here to view previous programmes.