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Everyone agrees that the agricultural industry is an integral part of the South African economy. Therefore, producers must have access to financing options that contribute to the smooth running of their farming operations.

This is precisely why Smith Power Equipment introduced its Kubota Finance solution for agricultural machinery. With competitive interest rates and flexible payment options, this new solution can help producers purchase equipment such as tractors, implements, and hay balers to farm more efficiently.

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It is no secret that inflation has increased in recent years, causing the prices of necessities such as fuel, food, housing and healthcare to increase. Unfortunately, producers are not immune to this phenomenon, and it becomes an even greater concern for them since inflation can also have a significant impact on their farms.

Along with inflation, farming input costs are increasing, and this can increase the cost of farming livestock and crops, for example. At the same time, stagnant prices for these products can make it difficult to turn a profit. Inflation not only affects input costs, but producers also find it more challenging to obtain financing for new equipment purchases.

Excellent interest rates

With Kubota Finance’s interest rates of up to prime minus 8% for agricultural machinery purchases, producers can more easily overcome these challenges as it can help them manage their cashflow effectively, even in times of rising inflation. This way, producers can save money.

Another advantage is that it offers flexible payment options. Producers can choose a payment plan that fits their unique financial situation, whether it involves monthly payments or an annual amount. This flexibility is especially important for producers working with tight budgets or experiencing fluctuations in their income.

In addition to its new financing solution for agricultural machinery, Kubota Finance offers a wide range of financing solutions for the agricultural industry. From operating leases and instalment sales to full maintenance leases, the company is committed to helping customers achieve success.

Kubota Finance understands producers

Dennis van der Merwe, Smith Power Equipment’s national sales manager for agriculture, emphasises the company’s commitment to producers: “We understand the challenges facing the agricultural industry and are committed to providing our customers with the financing solutions they need to succeed on their farms.”

“Our new financing solution for agricultural machinery is just one example of this commitment, and we are confident that it will be a valuable resource for producers across the country.”

Contact your local Kubota dealer today for more information or visit Kubota’s website to get more done for less.

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