#flashbackfriday Plaas TV 28 – 31 March

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This week Plaas TV brought viewers more interesting content, and this is #flashbackfriday. Below is a recap of the week’s episodes: 

  • A fourth generation phytase was recently launched in South Africa and according to DSM, this can help to reduce feed cost and improve production in broilers, layers, swine and fish. Plaas TV also attended this event, so stay tuned for some feedback from the experts. 
  • Daarna ontmoet ons vir Daniël Opperman, TLU se jongboer vir 2022. Lise Roberts het gedurende die afgelope TLU-jongboerkonferensie met hom gesels.
  • Maart is Bonsmara-maand! Die 2023 Bonsmara SA Rooi Ras-geleentheid en nasionale veiling het onlangs in Parys plaasgevind. Dié geleentheid is ‘n hoogtepunt op die kalender en sorg elke jaar vir baie opwinding. Plaas TV het ook hierdie geleentheid bygewoon so bly ingeskakel vir ‘n insetsel hieroor.

Lees meer oor laas week se episodes hier.

  • Simbra SA recently held their very insightful information days at the Afridome in Parys. Plaas TV attended this event and spoke to a few role players about issues in the industry. Stay tuned for an insert on this.

Read more about the beginning of March’s episodes hier.

  • Since it is Friday we will also focus on a research project within the Agricultural Research Council. This time we visited the ARC Small Grain Institute in Bethlehem.

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