#flashbackfriday Plaas TV 14 – 18 November

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This week Plaas TV brought viewers more interesting content and this is #flashbackfriday. Below is a recap of the week’s episodes: 

  • Daarna ontmoet ons vir Nigel Klaasen van die Elgin-omgewing. Hy is onlangs aangewys as die Wes-Kaap se Prestige Agri-werker van die jaar.

Lees meer oor laas week se episodes hier.

  • Daneel Rossouw van Nedbank kuier vandag in die Plaas TV-ateljee. Hy gesels onder andere oor die rol wat landbou in werkskepping en voedselsekerheid in Suid-Afrika speel.
  • Die Suid-Afrikaanse wild- en jagbedryf is tans onder skoot met ekstremiste wat gekant is teen volhoubare privaatbewaring. Gerhard Heyneke van Wildbedryf Suid-Afrika brei hieroor uit.
  • From the humble beginnings in the 1960’s when macadamias were first introduced into the country, the South African macadamia industry has grown into a major world force. On this note, the Macadamia Industry Day was recently held in White River. Plaas TV also attended this event and spoke to a few role players. Stay tuned for more on this. 

Find out more about macadamias here.

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