Friday, February 3, 2023

#FlashbackFriday Plaas TV 02 – 05 January

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This week, Plaas TV brought viewers more interesting content and this is #flashbackfriday. Below is a recap of the week’s episodes: 

  • Daneel Rossouw van Nedbank kuier vandag in die Plaas TV-ateljee. Hy gesels onder andere oor die rol wat landbou in werkskepping en voedselsekerheid in Suid-Afrika speel.

Lees oor Desember se episodes hier.

  • We then meet Carl Miles of Kevlynn Herefords in the Eastern Cape. He places strong focus on the fertility of his stud.
  • Fire isn’t all bad, or is it? In today’s episode of Plaas TV, Plaas Media’s Izak Hofmeyr discusses this topic with expert, prof Kevin Kirkman of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His interests include vegetation ecology with a focus on vegetation-animal-fire-environment interactions in grassland and savanna areas and restoration of disturbed landscapes.

Click here for more about November’s episdoes.

  • Aartappelkrake veroorsaak jaarliks derduisende rande se verliese as gevolg van die noodgedwonge afgradering in kwaliteit. Enrike Verster van Aartappels SA brei hieroor uit.

Klik hier om meer van die Aartappelsertifiseringsdiens uit te vind.

  • Then Plaas TV recently visited James Moorcroft from Syferpan Herefords in Queenstown to hear what he has to say about this well tempered breed of beef cattle.

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