Steven Barnard of Garden of Life runs the Farmer Kidz initiative that teaches kids in pre-primary schools how to grow their own vegetables. He started a 21-day vegetable cultivation series for parents and children to do together during lockdown at home. Watch the introductory video below. For more information listen to this RSG Landbou interview about the project.

Day 2 – Make your own veggie garden

In this episode you can learn how to start your own vegetable garden with tyres. This is a great way to re-use tyres which are not biodegradable, to grown your own food. Watch the video below. 

Day 3 – Grow your own tomatoes

Steven Barnard shows all Farmer Kidz at home how to grow tomatoes from your own fridge.

Day 4 – Grow your own pumpkins

Get mom and dad to help you cut open a pumpkins to plant the seeds and sprout them in your own seed tray made from a cooldrink bottle.

Day 5 – How to grow beans

Day 6 – How to grow carrots

Day 7 – How to grow beetroot

Day 8 – How to grow cabbage

Day 9 – How to grow cauliflower

Day 10 – How to grow eggplant

Day 11 – How to grow lettuce

Day 12 – How to grow maize

Day 13 – How to grow onions

Day 14 – How to grow peppers

Day 15 – How to grow potatoes

Day 16 – How to grow spinach

Day 17 – Pest control

Day 18 – Crop rotation

Day 19 – Veggie hacks for growing onions

Day 19 – Veggie hacks for growing potatoes