FarmBiz is available as a monthly magazine focussing on agribusiness issues relating to agriculture in South African and across the African continent. Read all about the economy, empowerment, management practices, legislative issues and much more. The magazine also contains our value chain magazine, Farmlink Africa, as a permanent supplement to FarmBiz.

Read FarmBiz in July

Read FarmBiz in July

FarmBiz is a unique monthly magazine aimed at agribusinesses and top farmers. Once again enjoy a treasure of knowledge in the June 2017 edition of Farmbiz.

Consumers worldwide are becoming increasingly concerned about the food they eat, especially in respect of the nutrition, health and quality of their food. Organic agriculture is increasingly being regarded as a solution to most of these concerns.  In the July edition of Farmbiz, WA Lombard considers whether organic farming and production is a sustainable trend or a passing fad?

Also look forward to articles on:

  • Major trends impacting on the future of agribusiness
  • Zimbabwean ex-farmer compensation
  • The ups and downs of the current economic situation
  • The A to Z of credit applications
  • The sustainability of organic wine production
  • Organic urban farming
  • Conditions for optimal macadamia growth

In the Farmlink section you can look forward to a delicious Farm Fare recipe for a biltong and goat’s cheese savoury cheesecake as well as articles on Rosemary Hill in Pretoria, agro-processing of berries and cherries, and the threat of listeria.

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