The face of a cow can tell a lot about her behaviour and can help in improving the farm. This is according to David Hunt, co-founder of Cainthus, who spoke at the recently held annual symposium of Alltech, in Lexington, Kentucky.

At The Alltech Ideas Conference, held from 23 to 25 May, Hunt shared a few fascinating technologies, including facial recognition software for dairy farms that can memorise the face of a cow in six seconds and monitor the activity of an entire herd without wearable tracking devices.

Hunt said the dairy industry are the technological leaders in agriculture. The sector has been doing a great job in for example wearables for cows to monitor health or activity. But wearables can be costly.

Integrating the visual data with other dairy information systems can result in causative links, hence helping understating certain farm and animal patterns better. This information can then be used to make management decisions. – Emmy Koeleman, Dairy Global