Following the decision of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) to close its anti-dumping investigation into imports of methionine originating in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, Evonik has restated its commitment to the region.

Since MOFCOM decided to end its investigation, it will not be implementing tariffs on this type of import. Evonik has welcomed this decision. Furthermore, the company’s strong Chinese team will continue to serve the Chinese market with a range of quality products and services.

Dr Emmanuel Auer, head of the animal nutrition business line at Evonik, said: “We worked closely with the Chinese authorities while they conducted their methionine investigation. Consequently, we have been completely transparent with respect to the requested data and information.

“Most importantly, our customers will continue to benefit from supply reliability and security for an essential feed ingredient for a sustainable and affordable protein supply chain. We remain fully committed to our customers in China and across the world.” – Press release, Evonik