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Envarto recently launched the Bovacillus™ probiotic for ruminants at the Candlewoods Boutique Venue in Centurion. The multi-national team of Chr. Hansen A/S joined the occasion from various countries despite the complicated travel arrangements still posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prevent diarrhoea from running loose in your herd.

Katharina Klager, head of marketing of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Animal Health and Nutrition at Chr. Hansen, travelled all the way from Austria. She was delighted to attend the Bovacillus™ probiotics launch in person and introduced attendees to Chr. Hansen, the Danish manufacturer of the bacterial strains in this new product for ruminants that will be distributed by Envarto in South Africa (SA).

International speakers, all from the Animal Health and Nutrition division of Chr. Hansen A/S. From left are Thomas Vermeersch, head of sales, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Adam Collantine, head of sales, EMEA, Dr Paolo Fantinati, technical services manager, EMEA, Katharina Klager, head of marketing, EMEA, and Dr Bruno leda Cappellozza, product management for beef and dairy, Direct Fed Microbial Products.
Etienne Biddulph, national sales manager, Envarto, Dr Ockert Einkamerer, UFS, Dr Hannes Viljoen, managing director, Envarto.

Chr. Hansen is a leading global bioscience company and has the world’s largest commercial bank of bacterial strains used in the best innovative bacterial solutions for poultry, swine, cattle and silage. Their product innovation is based on approximately 40 000 microbial strains and their microbial products are also used worldwide in food. In fact, every second cheese and yogurt product in the world is made with Chr. Hansen ingredients, and 1 billion people consume products containing Chr. Hansen technology every day.

Dr Paolo Fantinati, technical service manager, EMEA for Animal Health and Nutrition, Chr. Hansen A/S, Ida Linde, Envarto, Prof Esté van Marle-Köster, University of Pretoria.

She highlighted the fact that sustainability is Chr. Hansen’s cornerstone and Corporate Knights ranked Chr. Hansen as the most sustainable biotech company in the world for three years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021). Chr. Hansen is also a leader in the microbial industry for animal production, with their first probiotics for animals having been developed in 1978.

The latest probiotic, Bovacillus, is specifically manufactured for pre-ruminants and ruminants and research conducted by Chr. Hansen and Envarto has proven its beneficial properties. It is suitable for all ruminant production systems including backgrounding, sheep, goats, beef and dairy. The mode of action for Bovacillusis the production of enzymes that can inhibit the growth and binding of pathogenic bacteria as well as enzymes that assist in the digestion of starch and fibres. Dr Paolo Fantinati, technical services manager, Europe, the Middle East and Africa Animal Health and Nutrition, Chr. Hansen A/S, explained this.

Role-players in the feedlot industry were among the attendees of the launch. From left is Sello Ntjoboko and Godfrey Mphanya, both from Sparta Beef.

Studies by Chr. Hansen showed that the addition of Bovacillus (Bacillus licheniformis and B. subtills) decreases the abundance of Clostridium perfringens and other pathogens in the microbiome. Inhibition of pathogens results in less energy being used to activate the immune system, resulting in more energy available to the animal from production. More energy is also being released from fibre and starch due to the enzymes that are produced by Bovacillus, aiding in digestion. More energy being absorbed leads to a more efficient, productive and healthy animal.  – Ursula Human, AgriOrbit