Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Dr Phillip Oosthuizen joins RMIS

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The Red Meat Industry Services (RMIS) recently welcomed Dr Phillip Oosthuizen as chief operating officer. Dr Oosthuizen obtained his BSc Agriculture (Animal Science and Agricultural Economics) degree from the University of the Free State and furthered his studies in agricultural economics to receive his honours, masters and doctoral degrees (his MSc thesis title was “The profit maximizing feeding period for different beef breeds” and his PhD dissertation title was “The effect of growth promoters on beef profitability, quality, and consumer preferences: a value chain approach”).

Find out more about the RMIS’s role in the red meat industry.

Dr Oosthuizen started his career as an agriculture business banker with Nedbank, whereafter he headed the Sernick Group’s R&I division. His work focus was on the red meat value chain, including primary cattle production (stud and commercial), phase-C cattle testing, feedlots, feed production, abattoirs, retail, exports, technology development, as well as emerging farmer development and public relations.

He has a unique combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience gained throughout the red meat value chain through his exposure within the diversified Sernick value chain, feedlot and meat quality research and implementation, and being a farmer himself. – Press release, RMIS

The modern consumer: A challenge and an opportunity

During a recent Nation in Conversation discussion held at Nampo 2023, a panel of experts explored the changing food preferences and consumption patterns of consumers. The panel was moderated by Theo Vorster of Galileo Capital, and included Prof Naushad Emmambux of the University of Pretoria, Johan van Deventer, retired Freshmark CEO, Marina Fourie of Red Meat Industry Services (RMIS), and Wolfe Braude of the Agbiz Fruit Desk.

Fourie emphasised the fact that consumers do not always conform to producers’ or organised agriculture’s perception of them. She stressed the importance of conducting thorough market research to determine the preferences of each consumer segment. She also highlighted the importance of educating consumers regarding sustainability.

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