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Don’t miss it: Bonsmara celebrates 60 years of excellence

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The Bonsmara breed is one of the most successful and popular beef cattle breeds in South Africa. With 2023 behind us, Bonsmara SA is excited about 2024, a year during which the rich history of this breed will be celebrated. Over the past 60 years, the Bonsmara has taken the lead in the beef industry. Bonsmara SA can look back with pride on what has been achieved and seize future opportunities with new zeal.

To celebrate this milestone, the society invites all breeders and interested parties to participate in various celebratory events. These events take place from 11 to 13 March at different locations in Parys in the Free State. The programme is designed in such a way that breeders will not only be able to socialise and network, but also discuss serious issues. There is also an opportunity see the country’s top female Bonsmara animals from each region on auction.

Bonsmara Classic golf day

The proceedings kick off on 11 March with the Bonsmara Classic golf day at the Vaal de Gráce Golf Estate. The day promises to be a relaxing social event where breeders and role-players in the industry can get to know one another.

Bonsmara SA encourages all breeders to take part in the event since they want to fill the field with teams in which breeders themselves will be playing. Those who do not play can still sponsor a team under their stud names and invite commercial breeders to play on their behalf. Society members who simply want to come and support their peers are welcome to join the activities in the afternoon and attend the prize-giving with the players.

The cost of the golf day is R2 500 per fourball, which includes two carts, lunch and dinner. We also want to give agricultural businesses an opportunity to be part of the day. Therefore, greens or tees can be sponsored at R3 000 each, along with an additional R2 000 in prizes. Prizes can comprise of donated products or cash with which prizes for will be purchased for the players.

Please contact Louis Steyl at louis@bonsmara.co.za or 084 815 9487 to participate as a player or sponsor.

The Red Breed Event

On the morning of 13 March, The Red Breed Event will also be hosted at Stonehenge River Lodge. Here the audience will be able to draw inspiration from excellent motivational speakers. Among others, Prof Frikkie Maré, who was recently appointed as the chief executive officer of the Red Meat Producers Organisation or RPO, will provide an economic overview of agriculture and the meat industry. This event is an excellent source of information on important issues relating to the livestock industry.

National auction

The Bonsmara SA national auction will be the highlight of this year’s series of events. The auction will be held on Wednesday, 13 March, at 12:00 at the Afridome. The event will allow breeders to offer the best animals from their herds on a single national platform, while allowing them to access top genetics from every region across the country. We invite commercial breeders to make use of this one stop genetic shop to obtain some of the best female Bonsmara genetics in the world.

Bonsmara SA looks forward to celebrating 60 extraordinary years of success with every breeder!

For enquiries and registration information, contact Louis Steyl at louis@bonsmara.co.za or 084 815 9487.

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