Dié Rooi Ras (The Red Breed)

Plaas Media is proud to announce its latest project, Dié Rooi Ras (The Red Breed), a magazine published on behalf of Bonsmara SA. This magazine will replace the society’s annual journal and will be published twice this year. Dié Rooi Ras will be distributed through insertion in Veeplaas, and Stockfarm, and will also be distributed separately to members. A proud product of Bonsmara SA.

Lees Dié Rooi Ras in August

Read The Red Breed in August

It is once again time for another edition of Bonsmara: The Red Breed, which is published in March and August. The march edition is launched shortly prior to the annual Red Event. The magazine is fast gaining momentum and we are receiving excellent feedback from the industry regarding the contents and general presentation. The August 2018 edition is once again packed with important information for commercial and stud breeders who are already farming with Bonsmara cattle or who wish to invest in this exceptional breed.

Look forward to reading about:

  • Female animals: A roundtable discussion by commercial breeders.
  • Functional efficiency of the breed.
  • Cross-breeding.
  • Management of bulls.
  • 2018’s Bonsmara Elite stars.
  • Managing brucellosis.
  • Red meat marketing – what consumers want.
  • Training of emerging farmers.

For enquiries, contact lynette@plaasmedia.co.za.