Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dié Rooi Ras / The Red Breed is a biannual publication on behalf of Bonsmara SA. The magazine addresses issues relating to breed genetics, breeding practices, red meat production, breeding values, and much more. The magazine is distributed as a supplement to Veeplaas and Stockfarm, and is also distributed by Bonsmara SA to its members and at society events.

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Read Dié Rooi Ras in August 2022

Another edition of Bonsmara: Dié Rooi Ras/The Red Breed has hit the shelves! The August 2022 edition of this magazine, which is published every year in March and August, is packed with important information for commercial and stud breeders. Dié Rooi Ras has become an established title in the agricultural industry and among livestock producers who wish to farm or trade Bonsmara cattle.

Look forward to reading about:

  • Só lê jy die poenageen vas én bereik Elite-status!
  • Elite mentor breeder Norton Thompson
  • Frikkie Kruger: Só lyk ’n Elite-koei
  • The make-up of a platinum bull
  • Die waarde van ’n bul in Rand en sent
  • Breeding season: A quantitative SWOT analysis
  • Why beef cows differ in production efficiency
  • Geslagsiektes by bulle: ’n Stille erosie
  • Selecting for better hooves: Bonsmara SA communication
  • Understanding the bull breeding soundness evaluation
  • And much more!

Click here to download the August edition of Bonsmara: Dié Rooi Ras/The Red Breed. The magazine can now also be downloaded as an interactive flipbook at

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