“Fake fur” overcoats containing wool are in hot demand in China and have helped to drive wool prices to record levels.

These coats, made from a fur-like material, are selling like hot cakes in China.

They are so popular because they can be dyed in different colours, not only to make it resemble fur, but also in virtually any colour of the rainbow.

There is also a huge variety of colours and styles to choose from. Three-quarter and even long-length coats were the rage in the 2017 winter season.

SA experienced best wool season in decades

According to independent wool consultant, Andrew Dennis a lot of wool is used to manufacture the fake fur fabric.

The fabric looks like fur but the reverse side is a knitted fabric for which a substantial amount of wool is used.

It is a product with a high wool concentration. “Up to a kilo and a half of wool per metre goes into this product,” Dennis says. –Cape Wools